Using the Keybase filesystem.

open /keybase/public/daniphii

# Linux
cd /keybase/public/daniphii

# Verifying saltpack messages
keybase verify -m "BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkJofDRb iOSLBmwJZYCU7UY t09r25dh6RWZjMZ YnRibGf5SEe0KhY lCjDMTGHZGgZXwW CGxYIG3WOGPVyKf KXq7D0xCvnOVu3Z r8wnMmCI5HKhywG 0hCDyHi67X8iscL 5YgvN3ZuJC9SHD1 BDbazXOBMI2vSBL V3SnsulCPvKQ3ww gT3PiIugt3xnxnF BbHFV7gEPFYFjYs TPiU2OEd1Keuftw 9Jpessw6DkGtxqV uWT17WaJZI0QdHf znuPeI7WqwXthi. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE."

Install Keybase

Windows Linux macOS

Install Keybase

With Keybase installed, you can drop files onto your own computer that are immediately signed and hosted on You can also write private, end-to-end encrypted files with anyone you know.

And it comes with an encrypted chat, too.